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Sun in Scorpio, Moon in Gemini

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From Serennu Astrology:

Sun in Scorpio, Moon in Gemini

As yesterday we have the bright, clever, sociable Gemini Moon combined with the deeply insightful but more secretive Scorpio Sun. On the surface they don’t really want the same things, but they can work together to use one another’s strengths – the potential is for brilliant wit with penetrating insight, the Gemini Moon providing a “socially acceptable face” to bring through Scorpio’s intensity. There’s also, much potential for clever-sounding, witty, but deeply cutting remarks that feel good (Moon) at the time, but will be regretted later. Definitely watch the tongue today, especially as the Gemini Moon trines both Jupiter and Chiron and so may “say too much.”

I think this is a good description of my natal moon and sun!


Progressions, Saturn’s Return, and the 7 Year Cycle

Posted in Astrology Links, Luna, Recommended Reading, Saturn on 10/06/2009 by nemain nyx

Aquarius Papers has a great couple posts this morning on the connection between the Progressed Moon and the Saturn Return. And as I was reading how Wilkenson links these shifts and the Uranus cycle to the phenomenon knows as the 7 year cycle, I began to realize that I have some reading to do.

There is a lot of theory and information about the 7 year cycle.

As my 28th birthday approaches, I’m reaching the end of one of my own 7 year cycles, and I’m just as of this morning learning the significance of progressions. I think it’s about time I picked up and started reading that Predictive Astrology book I got, as it appears that I need to learn a little something about my Lunar Progression as it got real relevant real fast.

That’s what this is about though right? A learning process! I’m excited about this because I’m about to go on a little fall vacation and I’ll have some time to read about this and see if it strikes a chord with me.

I like to believe in the 7 year cycle. I like to think that it has some note of relevance to it. Mostly because I do feel like I’m on the brink of a rather dramatic shift in my life, be it a Saturn Return, a Lunar Progression, or the winding down of a 7 year life cycle. I feel like there’s something that is leaving me soon but I don’t know what it is yet. Something very big. I’m afraid that it will hurt, yes, but I’m also certain that is a new beginning that will follow.

Conception Chart

Posted in Astrology Links on 09/29/2009 by nemain nyx

I’ve been thinking about the idea behind a Conception Chart or Prenatal Epoch Chart, and I found this post on Astrogeographia and found it interesting. They describe this chart as a chart of the life force itself and is the “picture of the structure of the etheric body”.

The best estimate of my own prenatal epoch would put the sun in the sign of Aquarius with both Venus and Mars in Pisces. In my natal chart, Venus and Mars are both in earth signs, however I retained the strong influence of Air (epoch Aquarius) in my natal rising and moon sign of Gemini.

Interesting business. It’s mostly guesswork but I think there’s a pattern to learn from.

Shameless Scorpio Plug

Posted in Astrology Links, Scorpio on 09/01/2009 by nemain nyx

I just found this excellent article on Scorpio from Stellar Insights and had to share.

Asteroids, Houses, & the Great Attractor

Posted in Astrology Links on 04/01/2009 by ananda silvermoon

I’ve been exploring asteroids tonight. I found a cool ephemeris tool that can tell you where up to 1000 asteroids were at your time of birth. If you sort by degree you can see where all the different asteroids, centaurs, TNOs, dwarf planets, plutoids, uranians, and more lie in relation to the houses.

By traditional astrology I have a bunch of completely empty houses – all of my planets are between the sixth and the eleventh houses. And it’s true that my life is heavily weighted towards the external environment, relationships, and higher education/career… but it is reassuring to find the lesser-known players that inhabit the entire circle of the zodiac (really – they’re everywhere) and light up each one of the houses. For example, Pandora, Chaos, and Lilith inhabit the twelfth, and Apollo is sitting on the cusp of the 4th. It also lists both the Galactic Center and the Great Attractor – which I’d never heard of, but is a well-documented astrophysical phenomenon. I’d be interested to find out if any astrologers have experience working with the Great Attractor. It’s a fixed point, like the Galactic Center, and is about 13 degrees away from the GC at 13 Sagittarius.

Anyway, it’s a neat little tool. Find out where your minor planets are! Check it out!

The Planets in 7 Movements

Posted in Astrology Links on 02/09/2009 by nemain nyx

Mental Floss has a brief article this morning that includes audio samples of  Gustav Holst’s composition The Planets.

Check it out here.