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Sun in Scorpio, Moon in Gemini

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From Serennu Astrology:

Sun in Scorpio, Moon in Gemini

As yesterday we have the bright, clever, sociable Gemini Moon combined with the deeply insightful but more secretive Scorpio Sun. On the surface they don’t really want the same things, but they can work together to use one another’s strengths – the potential is for brilliant wit with penetrating insight, the Gemini Moon providing a “socially acceptable face” to bring through Scorpio’s intensity. There’s also, much potential for clever-sounding, witty, but deeply cutting remarks that feel good (Moon) at the time, but will be regretted later. Definitely watch the tongue today, especially as the Gemini Moon trines both Jupiter and Chiron and so may “say too much.”

I think this is a good description of my natal moon and sun!


Mercury and the Moon

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This recent tweet from Nyx got me thinking. In it, she complains that Mercury (currently in Virgo) is squaring her natal Moon, in Gemini. Virgo and Gemini are both ruled by Mercury, but since they are both mutable signs, they are also square each other. Only one other planet besides Mercury gets to rule two signs (in modern times, that is), and that planet is Venus, ruler of Taurus and Libra. Taurus and Libra aren’t square, they aren’t in trine. They share neither an element nor a modality. They’re actually in quincunx. But, both being ruled by Venus, both Taurus and Libra have an easygoing harmony and can coexist pretty well.

I don’t get the same feeling from Gemini and Virgo. Gemini loves ideas, and collects ideas and thoughts and phrases. Virgo is highly critical and prefers to fact-check everything. So Virgo would probably get pretty annoyed at Gemini’s willingness to believe or repeat everything she hears, while Gemini would begin to think that Virgo was such a bore, and a square. Which is what the two are: square.

Signs in quincunx seem to get along in a strange way; in fact, I’ve heard and experienced myself that it is common in synastry. I know of two couples with a Scorpio man and a Gemini woman; both get along in an eerily similar, strange way. It works! One of those couples just passed their 55th wedding anniversary.

Personally, I have Mercury in sextile with my natal moon right now; Virgo-Scorpio. Astrolabe says, “Feelings and emotions are expressed now comfortably. Conversations with females are prominent and pleasant.” Hmm, is that so? Also note that Nyx’s and my moons are in quincunx, from Gemini to Scorpio. Which might have something to do with why we get along so well!

Also since Mercury is nearing its direct station, it is slowing down and these aspects are more noticeable. Fortunately, soon after that, the aspects will start to ease up. Myself, I’m looking forward to Neptune’s direct station, which isn’t until early November. I’m really looking forward to Neptune getting off of my natal Mars, and since the conjunction is applying when Neptune is retrograde, it’ll be much nicer when Neptune is direct.

Libra Moon Void, Big Day Tomorrow

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In a few hours the moon will slip into secretive Scorpio, but for now it is void of course in late Libra, having trined the Aquarius stellium earlier today (actually, it was a grand air trine, involving mercury in Gemini as well!). The moon’s entry into Scorpio sets the stage for a big day tomorrow, with both Mercury and Venus forming exact aspects to the Aquarius stellium and to Uranus. This is only intensified by the fact that Mars is only a few degrees behind Venus, so expect whatever happens tomorrow to stick around for a few days.

So this is an interesting pattern that we have, which is exact tomorrow. Mercury is 30 degrees ahead of Venus, which is sextile Uranus and square the Aquarius stellium of Chiron, Neptune and Jupiter. This gives us two squares, two semisextiles, a sextile and a trine. Of course, since two of our four points comprise more than one planet, these aspects are intensified. This gives us something stable, something resonant, but something with direction to it, something pushing or pulling us to action. It’s not unpleasant, but it’s not exactly comfortable either.

What does it all mean? What’s going to happen tomorrow? I have no idea. Nyx is our mythology expert, I’m more like the astronomer. I just know where the planets are at any given time. And if I told you to expect effects on communication, relationships, finances, luck, or dreams, or if I told you to expect the unexpected, well, that would probably cover it. Hardly going out on a limb there. But I have been watching the skies long enough to know that this sort of alignment is rare, but will definitely be interesting; I’m not expecting earthquakes or anything. Though I do think that the big news of the day – Norm Coleman concedes and Al Franken is finally Senator from Minnesota – might have something to do with a certain outer planet – one that is shaping our current events through its opposition to another certain outer planet – stationing retrograde. Which also happens tomorrow, or tonight, depending on your time zone. Yep, not only is Uranus involved in the series of aspects tomorrow, it’s also at its retrograde station. OH – and – !!! – 2009 is officially half over as of tomorrow.

Told you it was a big day tomorrow. Happy July! Namaste!

What’s Behind the Curtain: Jupiter in Retrograde 2009

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Beginning today through mid-October, Jupiter is in retrograde. This period turns away from the façade of grandeur that we present to ourselves and others and tells us to look behind the big curtain and see what’s really there.

This can be an extraordinarily beneficial time for personal growth. If you consider Jupiter to be a lucky planet of opportunity, well consider this to be a different kind of opportunity, maybe one that doesn’t present itself with bells & whistles.

This is a pretty generalized interpretation, because it’s difficult to say how this retrograde phase effects everyone. Currently Jupiter is in 27 degrees Aquarius (to add to the highly spiritual and moral element of this phase) but it is conjunct to retrograde Neptune, so you might find yourself not only questioning yourself, but what is real in total.

The Sun is trine this conjunct in 24 degrees Gemini, to support the revelation of shortcomings when it comes to communication with others. But with the present position of Uranus in Pisces these tensions could be difficult to handle.

Saturn is in an interesting position relative to the rest of the major planets right now. Effectively alone in Virgo, opposite Luna and Uranus it is positioned to square Mercury and trine Mars and put the great Saturnine influence on this phase.

Considering the situation in Iran (experiencing a return), I definitely believe that Saturn is watching. Uranus is volatile in the sensitive, mutable, Piscean element encouraging a sense of revolution. In late September, when Uranus moves into strong opposition with Saturn, we might learn the result of this rebellious energy.

Gemini New Moon

Posted in Astrology, Gemini, Libra, Luna, Skepticism on 05/26/2009 by ananda silvermoon

I had a great long weekend these past few days, with a trip to my favorite city to see some of my favorite people. The coincidence of the trip with not only the Gemini New Moon but also the apex of the triple conjunction – Jupiter/Neptune being exact tomorrow – it was an interesting trip. Last night was my last in town, and I spent a large portion of it engaged in a rather heated debate over astrology with a good friend – a Libra. He definitely has the Libran ability to see things as absolutes – and he thinks astrology is “demonstrably false” and kept telling me I “ought to know better”. He didn’t like it when I told him he was being a typical Libra. Ha, wonder why! Anyway it was a pretty normal debate – though I had a devils advocate on my side, not well-versed in astrology, but surprisingly cognizant of developmental neurobiology and quantum physics. My Libra friend, of course, could not be convinced – and having grown up with a Libra for a mother and one for an older brother, this wasn’t exactly a surprise. But anyway, the debate was fun, and I am getting better at defending my views to skeptics, which is a good feeling. I may not be convincing anyone, but really, you have to experience astrology first-hand to get it, so that isn’t surprising I guess…

Anyway, happy Gemini new moon, and welcome to the end of Spring. I need to catch up on current events but will be back within a few days to talk about the new Supreme Court nominee, the Jupiter-Neptune conjunction (exact exact tomorrow, but has been within a degree for the last few days), the sun in Gemini, Mercury direct, and a whole lot more!