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Posted in Aquarius, Direct Station, Jupiter, Leo, Mars, Retrograde Station, Sagittarius, Saturn, Sun, Virgo on 12/02/2009 by nemain nyx

I just had to break radio silence to announce that we have no major planets in retrograde until late this month when Mars goes on the 21st.

There have been quite a few changes in my life lately, a period of Venus/Uranus and Saturnine activity. However, I’m ready to approach the new year with a fresh start and a renewed sense of self.

This take-charge approach is enhances by a Sun/Mars trine in Sagg/Leo, but runs into difficulty given the opposition to Jupiter in Aquarius. On the personal front the Sun (although in trine with Mar’s current position) is squaring my natal Mars in Virgo. The stress of all this change is getting to me, and the need to arrange the chaos into some semblance of order is causing me to shut down.

I cannot wait until the transit of Jupiter squaring my natal Saturn is over. I realize now where my life has reached the point of excess and needs to be trimmed back, simplified, and let loose. Here’s to the coming new year!


Sun in Scorpio, Moon in Gemini

Posted in Astrology Links, Chiron, Gemini, Jupiter, Luna, Scorpio, Sun on 11/05/2009 by nemain nyx

From Serennu Astrology:

Sun in Scorpio, Moon in Gemini

As yesterday we have the bright, clever, sociable Gemini Moon combined with the deeply insightful but more secretive Scorpio Sun. On the surface they don’t really want the same things, but they can work together to use one another’s strengths – the potential is for brilliant wit with penetrating insight, the Gemini Moon providing a “socially acceptable face” to bring through Scorpio’s intensity. There’s also, much potential for clever-sounding, witty, but deeply cutting remarks that feel good (Moon) at the time, but will be regretted later. Definitely watch the tongue today, especially as the Gemini Moon trines both Jupiter and Chiron and so may “say too much.”

I think this is a good description of my natal moon and sun!

Jupiter Goes Direct!

Posted in Aquarius, Current Events, Direct Station, Jupiter, Mars, Pluto, Saturn, Venus on 10/12/2009 by ananda silvermoon

Happy Jupiter Direct, everyone! The planet of luck stationed direct just a few minutes ago at 17+ Aquarius.

Sorry things are kinda quiet around here; Nyx is traveling, and I’m overwhelmed with other stuff. Here’s Astrolabe’s interpretation of how my life is going right now:

Jupiter is Square your Moon applying with an orb of 01 degrees XX minutes.
Too much is happening! You may find yourself reacting to emotionally charged situations involving females now. There may also be some conflicts of opinion over differing judgments. You may need to adapt to extravagant or wasteful situations (often in public) and make important judgment calls. Be reasonable in your expectations about others, family matters, and real estate. Be honest with yourself about obligations. Don’t expect the world to do everything for you, and you don’t have to be everyone else’s protector.

Well, it’s right about the too much is happening part anyway. Here’s a little preview of the week ahead: Venus sextiles Mars and conjuncts Saturn on Tuesday (PDT), then enters Libra on Wednesday afternoon, promptly running into a square with Pluto that’s exact Thursday morning at 10:51 PDT. Mars’ entry to Leo on Friday is also accompanied by a Solar quincunx to Uranus and trine to Neptune the same day. On Sunday Mars also forms a quincunx to Pluto, on the same day that the Moon enters the sign ruled by these two planets, Scorpio. Holy crap, that’s a lot of energy in one week!

I’m dealing by staying busy, and getting things that need to get done, done. I’m reeling a bit from some recent news (very good!) about an upcoming event, and the associated astrology, which is a bit too much for me to believe right now. Of course, I’m seeing in it what I want to see; the Universe will unfold however it sees fit. My job now – and our job in general with astrology – is to take the opportunity the Universe is providing and make the best of it.

Barley Moon in Pisces and The Retrograde Extravaganza

Posted in Aries, Direct Station, Jupiter, Luna, Mercury, Neptune, Pisces, Pluto, Retrograde Station, Uranus on 09/01/2009 by nemain nyx

Some big motion in the coming weeks:

Friday, we have the big glorious full moon in Pisces (aka the Corn or Barley Moon) to preside over the start of our Labor Day Weekend, though she will quickly move into Aries for the remainder. A Piscean moon is fertile and sensitive, a great time to set some emotional healing in motion. (I also happen to have Eros sextile my Venus for this moon – Woo Woo!)

Next week is a big one, and I’ve been watching this coming for months now. From September 7th through about the 11th we will have FIVE planets in retrograde before Pluto goes direct. Three in Air Signs (Jupiter, Mercury, and Neptune).

What does this mean? I’m not sure, probably much of the same energy as we’re feeling now. I do know what to expect from a Mercury Retrograde phase, and hopefully we’ll hear more from Ananda as she finds it invigorating. I lean fatalistic so I’ve put all sorts of notes to myself like “watch your mouth, watch your driving, keep your head on straight” but we don’t all have to be as paranoid as me. I was born with all of my major planets direct.

In October I have a Sun/n.Saturn contact right about the time I go on a road trip (jeez, watch me try to plan anything). This is one for me to pay attention to. I have Saturn in Libra (looking down the barrel of my Saturn return in a couple years) and the Sun in Libra contact to Saturn will tell me a little bit about the type of situation I might be in for. It’s easy for me to assume that because Libra means “balance” and “partnership” that these are the areas where I’m going to feel the makeover. This is absolutely true, but Saturn is subtle (and sometimes not so subtle) so I can assume all I want about my return but I won’t know what I’m getting until I get it. Here’s my chance to feel a bit of the energy. It may be that some of the seeds sown during this contact might be further developed when I hit my return.

Historical Ephemeris

Posted in Jupiter, Recommended Reading on 07/29/2009 by ananda silvermoon

I stumbled upon this website, which is titled “The Historical Ephemeris”, a couple of nights ago while searching for some information about the upcoming (as in 2012) T-square of outer planets. The Ephemeris, compiled by this guy, Palden Jenkins, is a staggeringly complete timeline of written human history, along with (as the name suggests) a historical ephemeris detailing the movements, aspects, and cycles of the outer planets. It’s definitely worth a glance, but to take in all the information contained within it would take weeks if not months of study. I have spent a few hours perusing it, and the overview is pretty well-written, especially of the roles and cycles of the outer planets. Take a look at it and see what you think – I think it’s an enormously important work of dramatic importance, and should be required reading for everyone interested in history and/or astrology. Definitely worth a glance (or a few weeks of study), at least.

I just want to interject a little apology here for the lack of blog activity lately; my real-life responsibilities and activities have taken a front seat and the pseudonymous blogging has had to take a back seat for awhile. I’m surviving (and actually even thriving) this ponderous triple conjunction that is transiting my natal Mars again, as Jupiter moves over my Mars point sometime this coming month for the second of three passes. I have to say, it’s opening new doors of opportunity, as new relationships are developing (professional and personal) and giving me opportunities and chances that I have never had before.

I haven’t said anything about the recent Eclipse yet, but that doesn’t mean that I didn’t observe it, and haven’t felt its resonances in my daily life. I spent the few hours that it was exact (not visible, sadly, from my part of the planet) breaking through the Chiron-Neptune clouds of uncertainty about my own health, and got tested (for the first time in my life) for HIV. Fortunately, Jupiter was there to smile on me and the test came back negative – giving me not only peace of mind, but also in a way a second birth.

And slightly unrelated to astrology, but on my mind nonetheless: Last night, I sat down and watched Gordon Brown’s TEDGlobal talk and I have to say that it moved me beyond words. I have watched almost every single talk on that site, and they are all awe-inspiring, inspirational, and amazing – but this one was singular. I think it may have inspired me to change (but not drastically) my career path – but in ways that won’t fully manifest for several years. I may have figured out what I have to offer the world, and how to make that huge difference that I have always felt was my responsibility. And the clarity that came with that revelation felt oddly familiar, like the other time, several years ago, when the stroke of insight first hit me and told me what path to follow. There is a world of difference to be made. How are you making it?

Mercury Trine Natal Jupiter: Heavy Thoughts

Posted in Jupiter, Luna, Mercury, Neptune, Uranus on 07/01/2009 by nemain nyx

This afternoon I took a half-hour walk around downtown during my lunch and found myself deeply introspective. I think this is partially the result of 1. the Scorpio Moon and 2. a Mercurial transit of my natal Jupiter.

I pretty much came to the conclusion that I’m very very jaded. And under this transit I get to mull over these type of thoughts:

In the past I’ve been accused of being led around by my emotions. Most of these accusations occurred when I was a teenager falling for a immature boys. More recently I’m the skeptic, approaching personal and business relationships in a far too utilitarian manner. When did I wake up one day and become all Ayn Rand?

Selfishly, my emotional responses tend to get drawn out when I encounter a obstacle to something I desire in an impulsive, Neptunian way (truly bringing out my natal Moon/Neptune opposition). So what is the effect of this period of self-analysis?

Perhaps this is a little blood draw to give Jupiter/Chiron/Neptune something to diagnose with. As Ananda mentioned in her last post, this is a rare stellium. She also pointed out that it is hard to describe what this means. I think it will be different for everyone, and if you take a look at your natal transits to this stellium it will shed more light for individual circumstances.

Venus/Mars (effectively) square Chiron (and the stellium by proxy) today, which as far as my natal chart goes, means that this Ve/Ma conjunct is opposite my natal Uranus – Ok brief yet childish interlude here…I’m never going to get used to the sound of “Natal Uranus” – intensifying the overall awkwardness of the energy for me, personally.

I tend to associate Uranus with growing pains; tension in the form of a renovation or reshaping. I’m coming to terms with myself as a pragmatist, rather than the ethereal emotional being of my youth. All things considered this is a phase of life just like any other, but like Ananda said this is something resonant.

Libra Moon Void, Big Day Tomorrow

Posted in Aquarius, Chiron, Current Events, Gemini, Jupiter, Libra, Luna, Mars, Mercury, Neptune, Retrograde Station, Scorpio, Uranus, Venus on 06/30/2009 by ananda silvermoon

In a few hours the moon will slip into secretive Scorpio, but for now it is void of course in late Libra, having trined the Aquarius stellium earlier today (actually, it was a grand air trine, involving mercury in Gemini as well!). The moon’s entry into Scorpio sets the stage for a big day tomorrow, with both Mercury and Venus forming exact aspects to the Aquarius stellium and to Uranus. This is only intensified by the fact that Mars is only a few degrees behind Venus, so expect whatever happens tomorrow to stick around for a few days.

So this is an interesting pattern that we have, which is exact tomorrow. Mercury is 30 degrees ahead of Venus, which is sextile Uranus and square the Aquarius stellium of Chiron, Neptune and Jupiter. This gives us two squares, two semisextiles, a sextile and a trine. Of course, since two of our four points comprise more than one planet, these aspects are intensified. This gives us something stable, something resonant, but something with direction to it, something pushing or pulling us to action. It’s not unpleasant, but it’s not exactly comfortable either.

What does it all mean? What’s going to happen tomorrow? I have no idea. Nyx is our mythology expert, I’m more like the astronomer. I just know where the planets are at any given time. And if I told you to expect effects on communication, relationships, finances, luck, or dreams, or if I told you to expect the unexpected, well, that would probably cover it. Hardly going out on a limb there. But I have been watching the skies long enough to know that this sort of alignment is rare, but will definitely be interesting; I’m not expecting earthquakes or anything. Though I do think that the big news of the day – Norm Coleman concedes and Al Franken is finally Senator from Minnesota – might have something to do with a certain outer planet – one that is shaping our current events through its opposition to another certain outer planet – stationing retrograde. Which also happens tomorrow, or tonight, depending on your time zone. Yep, not only is Uranus involved in the series of aspects tomorrow, it’s also at its retrograde station. OH – and – !!! – 2009 is officially half over as of tomorrow.

Told you it was a big day tomorrow. Happy July! Namaste!