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Neptune Trine Natal Pluto, Sun Enters Aquarius

Posted in Aquarius, Libra, Neptune, Pluto, Sun on 01/20/2010 by nemain nyx

From mid-January through mid-February Neptune in Aquarius is exactly trine my (including many others in my generation) natal Pluto in Libra at 25 degrees.

Pluto resides in my 5th house (Nati) of creativity and self-expression. The difficulties I experience in freely expressing myself are my burden to bear. However, for a short period and at a very well-timed point in my life I am lent the free-flowing power of Neptune in Aquarius. This harmonic transit comes at a time when I need self-evaluation the most, and I’m finding this to be absolutely invaluable as I stare down the barrel of some very difficult transits coming in the near future. Thank you Neptune!

Today the Sun enters Aquarius to join Neptune and Venus. Already since Monday I’ve been getting some very heady and mind-expanding ideas about some things I’ve had a history of being a jealous Scorpion about. Venus in Aquarius is about loving as you will. Enjoying yourself as you will. Sun in Aquarius is about love of experience, knowledge, the collective, expansion, and abstract thought. Humanist in nature, however the negative aspects tend towards a a sense of detachment possibly to the extent of hypocrisy or perversity.

The sun is strongly conjunct Venus today (the strongest conjunct we’ll see in Aquarius this year) however the connection is not as strong as the Capricorn transit earlier this month. You may feel a lot of that Aquarian energy flowing through you the next couple of days. I’m trying to appreciate this easy-going feeling. Translation: happiness! Because I’m sure to wish I could draw upon it when we hit that next Saturn/Pluto square at the end of the month. Love yourself today, make it an early Valentine’s day just for you. How’s that for a Neptune in Aquarius idea?


Eclipse in Capricorn

Posted in Capricorn, Libra, Luna, Mercury, Pluto, Retrograde Station, Saturn on 01/15/2010 by nemain nyx

The new moon eclipse at 25 degrees in Capricorn is at an exact square with my (and many others my age) Pluto in Libra (mine in the 4th house). Anchored in Astrology asks what this eclipse’s aspects mean to your natal chart. Especially since Mercury doesn’t enter the direct station until after the eclipse…it has an unpredictable effect.

So to me, this eclipse is signifying a Plutonian effect on my home and family house. A hard square, right in my Libra zone, right on top of my Saturn Return.

As you can guess I’m facing some day-to-day difficulty that I’m slightly bitter about. But I’m beginning to see this Saturn Return take shape, and it isn’t all bad (of course…like I’ve been told). However, we learn best through trial and error and there are certainly a lot of errors that were made…and those are coming to light.

These are notions I can handle. The Pluto square eclipse makes me nervous, just as any Pluto idea makes me nervous at the moment. Mercury moving direct this week activates what Robert Wilkinson calls “The Grand Irrationality”, or the current Pluto/Neptune situation. At the moment, it’s quite certainly septile (considered an “irrational” aspect in of itself). However, there are strong conjuncts with both planets to Jupiter and (currently) Mercury. Jupiter is poised to enter Aquarius, to make things quite heady, and Mercury is fogging up the eclipse with it’s void state. So here you have a Grand Irrationality.

Right about when I’m begging for some certainty. Game on, life.

On the natal front, the Sun/Venus conjunct is squaring my natal Jupiter in Libra. Yes, Libra again. However, an interesting and powerful Uranus aspect is forming, Uranus in Pisces is trine my natal Uranus on the Scorpio/Sagittarius cusp. So until later in the year when Uranus stations retrograde, the Uranus effect on the current reformation of my life should proceed with greater ease. Maybe some greater personal innovation is in store. There’s usually a silver lining, yes?


Posted in Libra, Saturn, Scorpio, Sun, Wheel of the Year on 10/31/2009 by nemain nyx

Whatever you believe, today is a good day to remember those who have passed on.

I know i’ve been silent lately, but i’m going through a lot of things that i’m sure will be popping up again and again throughout my Saturn Return. As you know, Saturn entered Libra and those of us with natal Saturn in this sign are beginning our Return.

I expected to process this more using this blog, but I’ve been feeling a bit bottled up. Maybe with some time after Saturn’s been on the threshold for a while I will be able to really talk about the feelings associated with this transit and the particular areas of effect.

But for now! I think we need to do some celebrating because it’s my favorite holiday! Remember those you miss dearly. Scorpio rules this season: blessings for your Samhain, blessings for your New Year!

Saturn in Libra

Posted in Libra, Saturn on 10/23/2009 by nemain nyx

Saturn is on the threshold of Libra, the sign of my (and those of my age) Saturn Return.

I used to make guesses as to what would be affected in my life when it came to the first great return of Saturn. I was actually relieved by Libra, as it’s such a heady and harmonious sign that I thought well maybe it won’t be so bad.

Libra is the sign of Relationships and Marriage. I have Saturn in Libra conjunct Pluto and Jupiter and Ceres. Astrologically, it sounds like the next two years aren’t going to bring me a lot of comfort when it comes to a relationship.

Saturn will tell us what we can live without. During the return, anything that necessary for growth will be removed. I’m beginning to feel it now. It’s going to be a long return.

Feel the Buzz?

Posted in Current Events, Libra, Mercury, Retrograde Station, Virgo on 09/13/2009 by ananda silvermoon

yep, mercury is definitely retrograde (you can tell because there are two ananda posts in a row here). bzzzzzz. mercury rules all things communication, and the verbal mind. for me, this time, though, it’s also affecting my nonverbal mind. my creative energy is at a high i haven’t experienced since the eclipse. i’m still not terribly productive, mind you, but i am able to produce things at a slightly faster rate than my normal (taurean-rising) tempo.

at the solar eclipse in July, I (moved by forces beyond my understanding) painted an enormous canvas, 6 by 6 feet, in a giant depiction of an eclipse, a developing embryo, sun spots, the nine planets, and the oceans. it took me about 18 hours, and i didn’t sleep much while I was working on it. I’ve never had a great sense of completion with it, even though i stopped working on it as soon as the eclipse energy dissipated, and i’m really not sure I like it much at all. But it’s hanging on my wall, taking up thirty-six square feet of space, reminding me of the vast creative energy that I tapped into that night. now with Mercury in full retrograde swing, the creative feeling is intensified, especially just coming off of that transformative week on the Playa. I’m sketching ideas for a painting. I’m also writing a lot of non-astrology stuff, for my “other” life, which is consuming a lot of mental energy. Fortunately, with Mercury in retrograde, mental energy is something I have plenty of!

On the other hand, the mouse on my other computer stopped working, and a crucial plastic tab on the mount for my bike computer broke off. I’m not immune to Mercury Rx stuff, I just thrive on the chaos.

Libra Moon Void, Big Day Tomorrow

Posted in Aquarius, Chiron, Current Events, Gemini, Jupiter, Libra, Luna, Mars, Mercury, Neptune, Retrograde Station, Scorpio, Uranus, Venus on 06/30/2009 by ananda silvermoon

In a few hours the moon will slip into secretive Scorpio, but for now it is void of course in late Libra, having trined the Aquarius stellium earlier today (actually, it was a grand air trine, involving mercury in Gemini as well!). The moon’s entry into Scorpio sets the stage for a big day tomorrow, with both Mercury and Venus forming exact aspects to the Aquarius stellium and to Uranus. This is only intensified by the fact that Mars is only a few degrees behind Venus, so expect whatever happens tomorrow to stick around for a few days.

So this is an interesting pattern that we have, which is exact tomorrow. Mercury is 30 degrees ahead of Venus, which is sextile Uranus and square the Aquarius stellium of Chiron, Neptune and Jupiter. This gives us two squares, two semisextiles, a sextile and a trine. Of course, since two of our four points comprise more than one planet, these aspects are intensified. This gives us something stable, something resonant, but something with direction to it, something pushing or pulling us to action. It’s not unpleasant, but it’s not exactly comfortable either.

What does it all mean? What’s going to happen tomorrow? I have no idea. Nyx is our mythology expert, I’m more like the astronomer. I just know where the planets are at any given time. And if I told you to expect effects on communication, relationships, finances, luck, or dreams, or if I told you to expect the unexpected, well, that would probably cover it. Hardly going out on a limb there. But I have been watching the skies long enough to know that this sort of alignment is rare, but will definitely be interesting; I’m not expecting earthquakes or anything. Though I do think that the big news of the day – Norm Coleman concedes and Al Franken is finally Senator from Minnesota – might have something to do with a certain outer planet – one that is shaping our current events through its opposition to another certain outer planet – stationing retrograde. Which also happens tomorrow, or tonight, depending on your time zone. Yep, not only is Uranus involved in the series of aspects tomorrow, it’s also at its retrograde station. OH – and – !!! – 2009 is officially half over as of tomorrow.

Told you it was a big day tomorrow. Happy July! Namaste!

Jupiter Trine Natal Jupiter

Posted in Aquarius, Jupiter, Libra on 06/10/2009 by nemain nyx

Right now Jupiter in Aquarius is exactly trine my natal Jupiter of Libra in the 5th House of Nati (or House of Pleasure). To me this has felt like a very large portal has opened in my mind, and specifically in my dance. I came to the rather sudden realization that I’m ready to start working towards becoming a professional dancer and took a big mental leap (and some small but important physical leaps) towards my goal.

My Jupiter in Libra has given me a tendency to have big ideas but become extremely indecisive when it comes to the smaller decisions. Sort of an “OK, I’m ready to do this! so where do I go from here?” situation.

This is where Jupiter’s placement in the very concise, logical sign of Aquarius comes in handy. After much hemming & hawing the past few months my professional dance name simply came to me. I have laid out my next steps and I’m ready to take them on (one at a time though, it’s a process). It’s times like these that Jupiter gets its nickname as the “Greater Fortune”.