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Eclipse in Capricorn

Posted in Capricorn, Libra, Luna, Mercury, Pluto, Retrograde Station, Saturn on 01/15/2010 by nemain nyx

The new moon eclipse at 25 degrees in Capricorn is at an exact square with my (and many others my age) Pluto in Libra (mine in the 4th house). Anchored in Astrology asks what this eclipse’s aspects mean to your natal chart. Especially since Mercury doesn’t enter the direct station until after the eclipse…it has an unpredictable effect.

So to me, this eclipse is signifying a Plutonian effect on my home and family house. A hard square, right in my Libra zone, right on top of my Saturn Return.

As you can guess I’m facing some day-to-day difficulty that I’m slightly bitter about. But I’m beginning to see this Saturn Return take shape, and it isn’t all bad (of course…like I’ve been told). However, we learn best through trial and error and there are certainly a lot of errors that were made…and those are coming to light.

These are notions I can handle. The Pluto square eclipse makes me nervous, just as any Pluto idea makes me nervous at the moment. Mercury moving direct this week activates what Robert Wilkinson calls “The Grand Irrationality”, or the current Pluto/Neptune situation. At the moment, it’s quite certainly septile (considered an “irrational” aspect in of itself). However, there are strong conjuncts with both planets to Jupiter and (currently) Mercury. Jupiter is poised to enter Aquarius, to make things quite heady, and Mercury is fogging up the eclipse with it’s void state. So here you have a Grand Irrationality.

Right about when I’m begging for some certainty. Game on, life.

On the natal front, the Sun/Venus conjunct is squaring my natal Jupiter in Libra. Yes, Libra again. However, an interesting and powerful Uranus aspect is forming, Uranus in Pisces is trine my natal Uranus on the Scorpio/Sagittarius cusp. So until later in the year when Uranus stations retrograde, the Uranus effect on the current reformation of my life should proceed with greater ease. Maybe some greater personal innovation is in store. There’s usually a silver lining, yes?


Welcome to October: Mercury Conjuncts Saturn in Opposition to Uranus

Posted in Luna, Mercury, Saturn, Uranus, Venus, Virgo, Wheel of the Year on 10/01/2009 by nemain nyx

I’m a fan of autumn and the waning light, because I like all things spooky and mysterious. There’s no spookier setting than the dying season!

Coming up this weekend is a big powerful full moon in Aries, just at the height of night on Sunday. October also brings us a Mercurial conjunct with Saturn and a sense of heaviness to the already bewildering opposition with Uranus. Efforts made during the conjunct will feel burdened or fraught with tension.

We may begin to feel the effects of this transit sooner than later, as Mercury is close to everyone’s center of self. This is a particularly discouraging transit for those who are still reeling from the retrograde period. There may be a re-visitation of some of the issues brought up during that phase, or you may find yourself dwelling on things affected by the Uranus/Saturn upheaval.

This transit will be followed shortly by a transit of this same energy but the effects will be felt in our pleasure center. That sounded kind of naughty, but I’m talking about Venus. Right after we’ve gotten over our dwelling on the issues, we’re going to start seeing it affect our comfort zones in the physical realm. As this is going down under Virgo with an influence of Pisces, by physical this could literally mean your body, as in your gut or intestines, or it could mean your gut as in your gut chakra (your ability to derive or intuit the world around you – your source of personal strength). This could cause a sense of powerlessness to achieve what you desire. As a Scorpio this freaks me out a bit, as the Scorpio motto is “I desire”.

So there you have it, some kind of unhappy transits for your first day of October. Here are some cute animals! Remember that this is only a slice of what is going on in the universe and the pull of the planets affects everyone differently. All things will pass. I believe that the natal transits will give you more information specifically to you and in combination with the current astroweather, will give you a greater picture of what is flowing about you in your life.

“Be kind, for everyone you meet is fighting a great battle.” – Philo of Alexandria

Mercury Stations Direct

Posted in Direct Station, Mercury, Virgo on 09/29/2009 by nemain nyx

Just as the Moon cycles and the womb cycles, the body must cycle through the taking in and releasing of breath. The incoming air is like the fullness of the moon or the fertility of the womb. The exhaling of the breath is as the moon wanes or the blood is spent and released from the body.

And just like the Moon and the womb, the process of becoming and releasing fullness is far longer than the actual instances of fullness or emptiness. In the practice of Pranayama, you learn to find peace and rest in the small pause after letting out the breath, and just before taking the air back in. Peace in the emptiness.

That is what I’m trying to do right now. As Mercury stalls in Virgo, adjusting to station direct, I’m trying to find a brief moment of relief, the long exhale is over and we’re about to get the energizing breath of Mercury’s forward momentum once again.

But just as in my breath practice, I get tense when I stay in that moment of emptiness. A body without air is a body in the first stages of death. Our culture has such a difficult time with death, it’s hard to block out the fear of dying. But this little moment of death is something that we experience every day without almost without thought or notice. That’s the trick of awareness. Putting to much thought towards it could cause you to over-analyze and begin to mistrust the process (how very Virgo!). Too little and you won’t come to appreciate the beauty of it. That is the balance that I’m trying to find today.


Mercury and the Moon

Posted in Current Events, Direct Station, Gemini, Luna, Mercury, Neptune, Scorpio, Virgo on 09/27/2009 by ananda silvermoon

This recent tweet from Nyx got me thinking. In it, she complains that Mercury (currently in Virgo) is squaring her natal Moon, in Gemini. Virgo and Gemini are both ruled by Mercury, but since they are both mutable signs, they are also square each other. Only one other planet besides Mercury gets to rule two signs (in modern times, that is), and that planet is Venus, ruler of Taurus and Libra. Taurus and Libra aren’t square, they aren’t in trine. They share neither an element nor a modality. They’re actually in quincunx. But, both being ruled by Venus, both Taurus and Libra have an easygoing harmony and can coexist pretty well.

I don’t get the same feeling from Gemini and Virgo. Gemini loves ideas, and collects ideas and thoughts and phrases. Virgo is highly critical and prefers to fact-check everything. So Virgo would probably get pretty annoyed at Gemini’s willingness to believe or repeat everything she hears, while Gemini would begin to think that Virgo was such a bore, and a square. Which is what the two are: square.

Signs in quincunx seem to get along in a strange way; in fact, I’ve heard and experienced myself that it is common in synastry. I know of two couples with a Scorpio man and a Gemini woman; both get along in an eerily similar, strange way. It works! One of those couples just passed their 55th wedding anniversary.

Personally, I have Mercury in sextile with my natal moon right now; Virgo-Scorpio. Astrolabe says, “Feelings and emotions are expressed now comfortably. Conversations with females are prominent and pleasant.” Hmm, is that so? Also note that Nyx’s and my moons are in quincunx, from Gemini to Scorpio. Which might have something to do with why we get along so well!

Also since Mercury is nearing its direct station, it is slowing down and these aspects are more noticeable. Fortunately, soon after that, the aspects will start to ease up. Myself, I’m looking forward to Neptune’s direct station, which isn’t until early November. I’m really looking forward to Neptune getting off of my natal Mars, and since the conjunction is applying when Neptune is retrograde, it’ll be much nicer when Neptune is direct.

Scorpio Moon, Repressed Trauma

Posted in Aquarius, Asteroids, Current Events, Luna, Mercury, Neptune, Pluto, Saturn, Scorpio on 09/22/2009 by ananda silvermoon

Just a quick post here while this is fresh in my mind; I’ve been working on a post on the influence of Neptune lately but it turns out Neptune is very tricky and hard to get ahold of. I’m going to keep working on it and hopefully something will come out that makes sense.

In the meantime, it’s a Scorpio moon, which we all know we love here at LN. Combined with the Sun/Mercury/Saturn connjunction stuff going on, and some careful reading of Sue Thompkins’ Aspects book we’ve mentioned previously, I have managed to dig deep into some early, unremembered aspects of my life and uncovered some potential trauma in my early life. It fits, at least, and scarily well. So I’ve been dealing with all of the associated memories and emotions bubbling up to the surface.

Before I went to bed last night I set my alarm for 8:00 AM. I woke up this morning surprisingly well-rested, on my own accord, without the alarm going off. I got out of bed and looked at the clock: it was 11:30. AAAAGH! 3 and a half hours late. I managed to get in to work by noon… guess it’ll be a long day today.

Oh, and one more thing that I noticed yesterday: Pandora, asteroid #55, is all up in the triple conjunction going on in late Aquarius. Is someone opening up her box in the health care debate? Maybe a little?

Stupid Mercury, playing tricks on us, and messing with Saturn (getting in the way of our responsibilities). Stupid Scorpio Moon, making me plumb the depths of my unconscious. Stupid Pandora, opening up cans of worms all over everything.

Sorry. Today I am grumpy, tired, angry, hurt, hungry, and stressed out.

Non-concentric Circles

Posted in Mercury, Retrograde Station on 09/14/2009 by nemain nyx

It is extremely hard not to fixate on this Mercury Retrograde phase, but it is so close to the bone that it’s a greasy lens that I’m unable to see through.

At lunch I had to chance to sit with a friend and diagnose my current personal dilemmas. It’s fun to sit with a Gemini on this because the conversation flows so well (despite Mercury), and they understand the healing power of talking it out (they even seem to enjoy it!)

Scorpios don’t like to have the nature of their business revealed. Sometimes, however, it needs to be done for therapeutic purposes. On the surface, everyday life seems to operate wholly outside of my spiritual life. I tend to cringe at the use of that phrase “spiritual life” as it sounds very campy to me for indeterminate reasons.

I tend to enjoy the cloak of ambiguity, and I get a lot of people who tell me that my presentation is one thing but then I seem to be another. People tend to get unconsciously upset when they cannot classify someone. Sometimes I get those who appreciate the surprise, but most often I don’t.

In defense I tend to operate in a series of non-concentric circles. Life at work, life as a girlfriend, life as a best friend, life as a belly dancer, life as an astrologer, and lives deeper still. These things should mix a bit into something called…I don’t know…LIFE, shouldn’t they? But where life is a solution, my is a suspension.

The alchemical trait of Scorpio is filtration. The process of removing that which does not dissolve by means of straining. Otherwise you get a bunch of solids just floating around to either settle or remain suspended. That’s sort of how I feel just now. It’s what I’ve built up for myself and it’s how I like it. During Mercury Retrograde I tend to find myself unable to move as smoothly between my circles, and they begin to move together…to blend where I don’t want them to.

It’s then that my cloak of ambiguity starts to come off. I don’t really want everyone to see just how complex my constellation of circles really is. Some get miffed that they thought they knew everything about me and feel slighted. Others think that secrets make someone unstable and therefore untrustworthy. Finally there are those who demand that I choose between them.

I don’t really want to get into the debate as to what is really good or normal here. Though I admit I prefaced that with the “life as a whole” comment. But it’s something that tends to happen to me during a mercurial retrograde phase and it’s both interesting and obnoxious. Mercury, stop holding up my skirts.

Feel the Buzz?

Posted in Current Events, Libra, Mercury, Retrograde Station, Virgo on 09/13/2009 by ananda silvermoon

yep, mercury is definitely retrograde (you can tell because there are two ananda posts in a row here). bzzzzzz. mercury rules all things communication, and the verbal mind. for me, this time, though, it’s also affecting my nonverbal mind. my creative energy is at a high i haven’t experienced since the eclipse. i’m still not terribly productive, mind you, but i am able to produce things at a slightly faster rate than my normal (taurean-rising) tempo.

at the solar eclipse in July, I (moved by forces beyond my understanding) painted an enormous canvas, 6 by 6 feet, in a giant depiction of an eclipse, a developing embryo, sun spots, the nine planets, and the oceans. it took me about 18 hours, and i didn’t sleep much while I was working on it. I’ve never had a great sense of completion with it, even though i stopped working on it as soon as the eclipse energy dissipated, and i’m really not sure I like it much at all. But it’s hanging on my wall, taking up thirty-six square feet of space, reminding me of the vast creative energy that I tapped into that night. now with Mercury in full retrograde swing, the creative feeling is intensified, especially just coming off of that transformative week on the Playa. I’m sketching ideas for a painting. I’m also writing a lot of non-astrology stuff, for my “other” life, which is consuming a lot of mental energy. Fortunately, with Mercury in retrograde, mental energy is something I have plenty of!

On the other hand, the mouse on my other computer stopped working, and a crucial plastic tab on the mount for my bike computer broke off. I’m not immune to Mercury Rx stuff, I just thrive on the chaos.