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Eclipse in Capricorn

Posted in Capricorn, Libra, Luna, Mercury, Pluto, Retrograde Station, Saturn on 01/15/2010 by nemain nyx

The new moon eclipse at 25 degrees in Capricorn is at an exact square with my (and many others my age) Pluto in Libra (mine in the 4th house). Anchored in Astrology asks what this eclipse’s aspects mean to your natal chart. Especially since Mercury doesn’t enter the direct station until after the eclipse…it has an unpredictable effect.

So to me, this eclipse is signifying a Plutonian effect on my home and family house. A hard square, right in my Libra zone, right on top of my Saturn Return.

As you can guess I’m facing some day-to-day difficulty that I’m slightly bitter about. But I’m beginning to see this Saturn Return take shape, and it isn’t all bad (of course…like I’ve been told). However, we learn best through trial and error and there are certainly a lot of errors that were made…and those are coming to light.

These are notions I can handle. The Pluto square eclipse makes me nervous, just as any Pluto idea makes me nervous at the moment. Mercury moving direct this week activates what Robert Wilkinson calls “The Grand Irrationality”, or the current Pluto/Neptune situation. At the moment, it’s quite certainly septile (considered an “irrational” aspect in of itself). However, there are strong conjuncts with both planets to Jupiter and (currently) Mercury. Jupiter is poised to enter Aquarius, to make things quite heady, and Mercury is fogging up the eclipse with it’s void state. So here you have a Grand Irrationality.

Right about when I’m begging for some certainty. Game on, life.

On the natal front, the Sun/Venus conjunct is squaring my natal Jupiter in Libra. Yes, Libra again. However, an interesting and powerful Uranus aspect is forming, Uranus in Pisces is trine my natal Uranus on the Scorpio/Sagittarius cusp. So until later in the year when Uranus stations retrograde, the Uranus effect on the current reformation of my life should proceed with greater ease. Maybe some greater personal innovation is in store. There’s usually a silver lining, yes?


All Direct

Posted in Aquarius, Direct Station, Jupiter, Leo, Mars, Retrograde Station, Sagittarius, Saturn, Sun, Virgo on 12/02/2009 by nemain nyx

I just had to break radio silence to announce that we have no major planets in retrograde until late this month when Mars goes on the 21st.

There have been quite a few changes in my life lately, a period of Venus/Uranus and Saturnine activity. However, I’m ready to approach the new year with a fresh start and a renewed sense of self.

This take-charge approach is enhances by a Sun/Mars trine in Sagg/Leo, but runs into difficulty given the opposition to Jupiter in Aquarius. On the personal front the Sun (although in trine with Mar’s current position) is squaring my natal Mars in Virgo. The stress of all this change is getting to me, and the need to arrange the chaos into some semblance of order is causing me to shut down.

I cannot wait until the transit of Jupiter squaring my natal Saturn is over. I realize now where my life has reached the point of excess and needs to be trimmed back, simplified, and let loose. Here’s to the coming new year!

Non-concentric Circles

Posted in Mercury, Retrograde Station on 09/14/2009 by nemain nyx

It is extremely hard not to fixate on this Mercury Retrograde phase, but it is so close to the bone that it’s a greasy lens that I’m unable to see through.

At lunch I had to chance to sit with a friend and diagnose my current personal dilemmas. It’s fun to sit with a Gemini on this because the conversation flows so well (despite Mercury), and they understand the healing power of talking it out (they even seem to enjoy it!)

Scorpios don’t like to have the nature of their business revealed. Sometimes, however, it needs to be done for therapeutic purposes. On the surface, everyday life seems to operate wholly outside of my spiritual life. I tend to cringe at the use of that phrase “spiritual life” as it sounds very campy to me for indeterminate reasons.

I tend to enjoy the cloak of ambiguity, and I get a lot of people who tell me that my presentation is one thing but then I seem to be another. People tend to get unconsciously upset when they cannot classify someone. Sometimes I get those who appreciate the surprise, but most often I don’t.

In defense I tend to operate in a series of non-concentric circles. Life at work, life as a girlfriend, life as a best friend, life as a belly dancer, life as an astrologer, and lives deeper still. These things should mix a bit into something called…I don’t know…LIFE, shouldn’t they? But where life is a solution, my is a suspension.

The alchemical trait of Scorpio is filtration. The process of removing that which does not dissolve by means of straining. Otherwise you get a bunch of solids just floating around to either settle or remain suspended. That’s sort of how I feel just now. It’s what I’ve built up for myself and it’s how I like it. During Mercury Retrograde I tend to find myself unable to move as smoothly between my circles, and they begin to move together…to blend where I don’t want them to.

It’s then that my cloak of ambiguity starts to come off. I don’t really want everyone to see just how complex my constellation of circles really is. Some get miffed that they thought they knew everything about me and feel slighted. Others think that secrets make someone unstable and therefore untrustworthy. Finally there are those who demand that I choose between them.

I don’t really want to get into the debate as to what is really good or normal here. Though I admit I prefaced that with the “life as a whole” comment. But it’s something that tends to happen to me during a mercurial retrograde phase and it’s both interesting and obnoxious. Mercury, stop holding up my skirts.

Feel the Buzz?

Posted in Current Events, Libra, Mercury, Retrograde Station, Virgo on 09/13/2009 by ananda silvermoon

yep, mercury is definitely retrograde (you can tell because there are two ananda posts in a row here). bzzzzzz. mercury rules all things communication, and the verbal mind. for me, this time, though, it’s also affecting my nonverbal mind. my creative energy is at a high i haven’t experienced since the eclipse. i’m still not terribly productive, mind you, but i am able to produce things at a slightly faster rate than my normal (taurean-rising) tempo.

at the solar eclipse in July, I (moved by forces beyond my understanding) painted an enormous canvas, 6 by 6 feet, in a giant depiction of an eclipse, a developing embryo, sun spots, the nine planets, and the oceans. it took me about 18 hours, and i didn’t sleep much while I was working on it. I’ve never had a great sense of completion with it, even though i stopped working on it as soon as the eclipse energy dissipated, and i’m really not sure I like it much at all. But it’s hanging on my wall, taking up thirty-six square feet of space, reminding me of the vast creative energy that I tapped into that night. now with Mercury in full retrograde swing, the creative feeling is intensified, especially just coming off of that transformative week on the Playa. I’m sketching ideas for a painting. I’m also writing a lot of non-astrology stuff, for my “other” life, which is consuming a lot of mental energy. Fortunately, with Mercury in retrograde, mental energy is something I have plenty of!

On the other hand, the mouse on my other computer stopped working, and a crucial plastic tab on the mount for my bike computer broke off. I’m not immune to Mercury Rx stuff, I just thrive on the chaos.

Black Rock City 2009

Posted in Current Events, Festivals, Luna, Mercury, Neptune, Pisces, Retrograde Station, Uncategorized, Virgo on 09/12/2009 by ananda silvermoon

click on the photo to go to the planetwaves post…
This photo by Eric Francis just really resonated with me as soon as I saw it. The moon was extremely dramatic, especially at rise and set – and some of the only photos I took all week were this same moon. His reflections on the Pisces full moon at Black Rock City also resonate – there was a dramatic energy in the city, but it was empathic and celebratory, not violent or detached. I and many others I spoke with felt a profound connection that night – a sense of oneness with the universe rarely felt in the default world. Friday night I experienced a profound spiritual awakening that I cannot quite put words to yet, though I’m sure that will happen soon, as – hey, look! – mercury is retrograde, which means my verbal mind can process and produce. The night ended with a dawn bike ride out to the edge of civilization – the corner at 2:00 and L – and beyond, rushing to greet the rising sun and exalting the setting moon over the city. I stood facing north, my right hand outstretched to the rising Sun, my left to the setting Full Moon, and I felt the entire solar system stretch out in front of me, behind me, surrounding me… as the first rays from the morning sun appeared in reds and oranges to crack the dawn wide open, to announce the return of the Day, the moon lit up in all colors shining back the brilliance of the dawning sun, I felt within me the wordless calm that comes with sensing the universe, feeling the oneness of it all!

I’m already missing the Playa and plotting my return in 2010. Adjusting to the default reality is both difficult and reassuring; I have to say, I love running water and hot showers, trash collection is pretty nice, and refrigeration is pretty swell too. That said, there are no giant flaming neurons here, nor are there art cars with giant sound systems providing danceable beats everywhere they go. And I can’t go watch Venus rise from the third floor of the Temple.

Since returning home, I’ve been trying to regain the sense of everything-is-holy that pervades life in Black Rock City. Since life is so tenuous there, even the smallest, most mundane action or object becomes profound and sacrosanct. It’s an odd feeling, and trying to bring it back to the lush valley I call home, where life pervades everything and is anything but scarce, is a bit of a challenge. But right now Neptune is all up within a degree of my natal Mars, and my action and intention are made fuzzy and spiritual, rather than directed and concrete. Astrolabe tells me to “Take a break, meditate, and then finish things.” I’m working on grounding and focusing my energy, which I learned how to do in a hurry on the playa, but it’s much more difficult here with many more distractions and accumulations. It’s easier to feel connected to the earth when you step outside of your tent and contact bare ground. It’s less easy when your immediate environment has two internet-capable macs, an iphone, piles of dirty and clean laundry, and piles of accumulated crap that must be dealt with. I’m trying to cut down on my crap, be all zen about it, it’s difficult, since every thing has associations and memories and getting rid of the thing seems like cutting my only tie to the person or place it’s associated with. But now I’m just blathering and procrastinating, not sharing my Burning Man experience, so I’m gonna publish this as it is and come back later. I’ll talk a bit more about Friday night on the playa and the interesting astrology going on… after I meditate and take a break for awhile.


Ill Communication

Posted in Mercury, Retrograde Station on 09/08/2009 by nemain nyx

So here we are in a Mercury Retrograde swing again. Yesterday, right at direct station, our computer suffered “kernel shock” during an OS upgrade and now it will not wake up. FEAR THEE NONBELIEVERS.

Kidding. I’m suffering from a lack of sleep due to a state of the union address just around midnight last night. So I’m in recuperation mode. It’s interesting that the influence of Mercury Retrograde is so blatantly felt around here, from a few stumbled sentences and grasping for the right word to a full communication meltdown. Traffic snarls post-Labor Day and nothing seems to quite want to come together.

I’ve learned to try (TRY) to just keep my mouth shut unless I absolutely have to open it and even then I should pour over all that could be insinuated from what I mean to say. Not a great time to have to rely on email, and since I only have my phone and my work desk to reach the internet for a few days, perhaps it’s a good time to get out of the river of flowing information and dry off in the sun for a while.

Barley Moon in Pisces and The Retrograde Extravaganza

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Some big motion in the coming weeks:

Friday, we have the big glorious full moon in Pisces (aka the Corn or Barley Moon) to preside over the start of our Labor Day Weekend, though she will quickly move into Aries for the remainder. A Piscean moon is fertile and sensitive, a great time to set some emotional healing in motion. (I also happen to have Eros sextile my Venus for this moon – Woo Woo!)

Next week is a big one, and I’ve been watching this coming for months now. From September 7th through about the 11th we will have FIVE planets in retrograde before Pluto goes direct. Three in Air Signs (Jupiter, Mercury, and Neptune).

What does this mean? I’m not sure, probably much of the same energy as we’re feeling now. I do know what to expect from a Mercury Retrograde phase, and hopefully we’ll hear more from Ananda as she finds it invigorating. I lean fatalistic so I’ve put all sorts of notes to myself like “watch your mouth, watch your driving, keep your head on straight” but we don’t all have to be as paranoid as me. I was born with all of my major planets direct.

In October I have a Sun/n.Saturn contact right about the time I go on a road trip (jeez, watch me try to plan anything). This is one for me to pay attention to. I have Saturn in Libra (looking down the barrel of my Saturn return in a couple years) and the Sun in Libra contact to Saturn will tell me a little bit about the type of situation I might be in for. It’s easy for me to assume that because Libra means “balance” and “partnership” that these are the areas where I’m going to feel the makeover. This is absolutely true, but Saturn is subtle (and sometimes not so subtle) so I can assume all I want about my return but I won’t know what I’m getting until I get it. Here’s my chance to feel a bit of the energy. It may be that some of the seeds sown during this contact might be further developed when I hit my return.