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Uranus Square Natal Moon

Posted in Luna, Scorpio, Sun, Uranus on 11/11/2009 by nemain nyx

I just had to post this, it’s absolutely what I’ve been going through (thanks alabe) with the added fun of the Sun/Uranus trine:

Uranus is Square your Moon applying with an orb of 00 degrees 35 minutes.
Be ready for unstable conditions and last minute changes. This could be a time when the usual rules are suspended and anything goes, or it could be a time of emotional excitement, wide mood swings, disturbances in sleeping, and strange psychic tendencies. It all depends on how flexible you are. Unusual and strong-willed females may play a role in your life now, and there may be surprise visits as well. Your domestic life may be changing, and residential moves are likely to occur quickly and suddenly.

So to be open about what I’ve been thus far extremely vague about: my boyfriend and I are going through some issues and may go our separate ways. I hate to think that this relationship would be one of the first victims of my Saturn Return, but it looks like that’s the situation.

I’ve gone through a myriad of complex emotions in the last few weeks, but today I finally woke up with a sense of peace. Nothing about the difficult situation changed overnight, just my mood.

There are some positive transits playing a role in this: namely my Solar Return (hooray me!), but also a Venus/n. Mercury conjunct assisting me in doing what my Gemini Rising does best: talk about my relationship and what is important to me. So here’s to growing and changing with Saturn in Libra.


Welcome to October: Mercury Conjuncts Saturn in Opposition to Uranus

Posted in Luna, Mercury, Saturn, Uranus, Venus, Virgo, Wheel of the Year on 10/01/2009 by nemain nyx

I’m a fan of autumn and the waning light, because I like all things spooky and mysterious. There’s no spookier setting than the dying season!

Coming up this weekend is a big powerful full moon in Aries, just at the height of night on Sunday. October also brings us a Mercurial conjunct with Saturn and a sense of heaviness to the already bewildering opposition with Uranus. Efforts made during the conjunct will feel burdened or fraught with tension.

We may begin to feel the effects of this transit sooner than later, as Mercury is close to everyone’s center of self. This is a particularly discouraging transit for those who are still reeling from the retrograde period. There may be a re-visitation of some of the issues brought up during that phase, or you may find yourself dwelling on things affected by the Uranus/Saturn upheaval.

This transit will be followed shortly by a transit of this same energy but the effects will be felt in our pleasure center. That sounded kind of naughty, but I’m talking about Venus. Right after we’ve gotten over our dwelling on the issues, we’re going to start seeing it affect our comfort zones in the physical realm. As this is going down under Virgo with an influence of Pisces, by physical this could literally mean your body, as in your gut or intestines, or it could mean your gut as in your gut chakra (your ability to derive or intuit the world around you – your source of personal strength). This could cause a sense of powerlessness to achieve what you desire. As a Scorpio this freaks me out a bit, as the Scorpio motto is “I desire”.

So there you have it, some kind of unhappy transits for your first day of October. Here are some cute animals! Remember that this is only a slice of what is going on in the universe and the pull of the planets affects everyone differently. All things will pass. I believe that the natal transits will give you more information specifically to you and in combination with the current astroweather, will give you a greater picture of what is flowing about you in your life.

“Be kind, for everyone you meet is fighting a great battle.” – Philo of Alexandria

Autumnal Equinox 2009

Posted in Luna, Mars, Uranus, Wheel of the Year on 09/22/2009 by nemain nyx

Today just after 2pm (Pacific Time) will be the Autumnal Equinox, signifying the midpoint of fall and the beginnings of winter. (It always drives me nuts when people say that this is the first day of fall). It’s a time to celebrate the harvest and the Harvest Moon. I just got my new Galileoscope so I’m ready!

At the moment the Moon, Mars, and Uranus are the Water Signs: strong empathetical and emotional momentum to start the day. We may feel this has a more personal effect this morning or afternoon over East: Moon/Mars Trine in Scorpio and Cancer. Over the next few days the Mars/Uranus Trine (currently at 7 degree orb) will grow more potent.

Uranus trine Mars in Cancer will support actions that are driven by emotions and those seeking to act on something deeper, or perhaps something spiritual. I wouldn’t be surprised to see quarrels based on religion (especially Christianity, given the rise of the religion under the Great Period of Pisces) spring up in the coming days.

With the Moon in Scorpio and the Sun entering Libra, there’s going to be a intense emotional investment regarding the qualities associated with Libra (relationships, harmony, interdependence, social values). Void of Course occurs around 8:30 PST, with the Sun at the entrance point this could be a focal point for the Scorpion’s tendency for resentment if not handled carefully. The Moon will move into Sagittarius early tomorrow morning.


Barley Moon in Pisces and The Retrograde Extravaganza

Posted in Aries, Direct Station, Jupiter, Luna, Mercury, Neptune, Pisces, Pluto, Retrograde Station, Uranus on 09/01/2009 by nemain nyx

Some big motion in the coming weeks:

Friday, we have the big glorious full moon in Pisces (aka the Corn or Barley Moon) to preside over the start of our Labor Day Weekend, though she will quickly move into Aries for the remainder. A Piscean moon is fertile and sensitive, a great time to set some emotional healing in motion. (I also happen to have Eros sextile my Venus for this moon – Woo Woo!)

Next week is a big one, and I’ve been watching this coming for months now. From September 7th through about the 11th we will have FIVE planets in retrograde before Pluto goes direct. Three in Air Signs (Jupiter, Mercury, and Neptune).

What does this mean? I’m not sure, probably much of the same energy as we’re feeling now. I do know what to expect from a Mercury Retrograde phase, and hopefully we’ll hear more from Ananda as she finds it invigorating. I lean fatalistic so I’ve put all sorts of notes to myself like “watch your mouth, watch your driving, keep your head on straight” but we don’t all have to be as paranoid as me. I was born with all of my major planets direct.

In October I have a Sun/n.Saturn contact right about the time I go on a road trip (jeez, watch me try to plan anything). This is one for me to pay attention to. I have Saturn in Libra (looking down the barrel of my Saturn return in a couple years) and the Sun in Libra contact to Saturn will tell me a little bit about the type of situation I might be in for. It’s easy for me to assume that because Libra means “balance” and “partnership” that these are the areas where I’m going to feel the makeover. This is absolutely true, but Saturn is subtle (and sometimes not so subtle) so I can assume all I want about my return but I won’t know what I’m getting until I get it. Here’s my chance to feel a bit of the energy. It may be that some of the seeds sown during this contact might be further developed when I hit my return.

Oh, Uranus…

Posted in Uranus on 08/27/2009 by ananda silvermoon

I’ve been having an unstable few days (and i hardly think I’m the only one) – filled with the desire to do something impulsive, irresponsible, and utterly fun. While ago Nyx turned me on to the astrolabe natal applications page, and I’ve been following not only the astro-weather but also their interpretation of what’s going on relative to my natal chart. This is the first entry on the results page today:

Sun is Square your Uranus applying with an orb of 02 degrees 14 minutes.
Interruptions, last-minute changes in plans, surprises, and reversals may interfere with your normal routine now. You may feel restless or anxious, and could experience difficulties with authorities, rules or obligations. Conditions are unstable, so be flexible and make the most of whatever happens.

I am seriously considering doing something entirely unplanned (ok, since i’m considering it, it wouldn’t be *entirely* unplanned) and utterly irresponsible. It makes me giddy, just thinking about doing it. I might just have to.


Venus & Uranus & Saturn: Oh My

Posted in Luna, Saturn, Scorpio, Uranus, Venus on 08/26/2009 by nemain nyx

Ananda and I have been having a flurry of emails and chat about various transits that seem to be fluffling dowdy feathers. She’s having a lunar return in Scorpio and the intoxicating effects thereof, and I’ve been suffering the upheaval of Uranus.

Just when you think that you’re fine with everything as is, here come Uranus to tell you how it really is, or sometimes how it really should be. That’s all fine and good, but without direction from the other planets, it’s a revolution without a cause.

Right now those other planets (for me) are Saturn and Venus. With the Saturn/Uranus opposition still going strong, there’s a strong sense of purpose to these inner planet transits. Venus was trine my natal Uranus over the weekend, a time when I found myself processing a lot of the inner passions that I often ignore during the busy week. Questions like: what am I really looking for? What makes me happy? What makes me healthy? And the biggie for this masochistic Scorpio, is what makes me happy also healthy? With Saturn presiding over the whole affair with the opposition says: “judge your true need for upheaval right now, it could have life-changing effects.”

Big thoughts for an otherwise low-key weekend? Why the introspective element? The blessed moon in Scorpio. Thankfully, she’s a growing moon, a productive and fruitful moon. Give Scorpio a cause célèbre and just watch things get done. Scorpio will go as far as it takes to get what it desires. Just watch out for Saturn to weigh in with a reality check.

Outside of the my natal sphere and in the current weather, the Sun is moving into conjunct with Saturn. The orb and scope is wide with this transit. This is a tremendous combination of energy and things that will need to be nipped in the bud will be cleaned out some way or another. With the transition of the seasons (blah Labor Day), I’m finding myself on the verge of transition, an electric feeling.

Mercury Trine Natal Jupiter: Heavy Thoughts

Posted in Jupiter, Luna, Mercury, Neptune, Uranus on 07/01/2009 by nemain nyx

This afternoon I took a half-hour walk around downtown during my lunch and found myself deeply introspective. I think this is partially the result of 1. the Scorpio Moon and 2. a Mercurial transit of my natal Jupiter.

I pretty much came to the conclusion that I’m very very jaded. And under this transit I get to mull over these type of thoughts:

In the past I’ve been accused of being led around by my emotions. Most of these accusations occurred when I was a teenager falling for a immature boys. More recently I’m the skeptic, approaching personal and business relationships in a far too utilitarian manner. When did I wake up one day and become all Ayn Rand?

Selfishly, my emotional responses tend to get drawn out when I encounter a obstacle to something I desire in an impulsive, Neptunian way (truly bringing out my natal Moon/Neptune opposition). So what is the effect of this period of self-analysis?

Perhaps this is a little blood draw to give Jupiter/Chiron/Neptune something to diagnose with. As Ananda mentioned in her last post, this is a rare stellium. She also pointed out that it is hard to describe what this means. I think it will be different for everyone, and if you take a look at your natal transits to this stellium it will shed more light for individual circumstances.

Venus/Mars (effectively) square Chiron (and the stellium by proxy) today, which as far as my natal chart goes, means that this Ve/Ma conjunct is opposite my natal Uranus – Ok brief yet childish interlude here…I’m never going to get used to the sound of “Natal Uranus” – intensifying the overall awkwardness of the energy for me, personally.

I tend to associate Uranus with growing pains; tension in the form of a renovation or reshaping. I’m coming to terms with myself as a pragmatist, rather than the ethereal emotional being of my youth. All things considered this is a phase of life just like any other, but like Ananda said this is something resonant.