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Posted in Aquarius, Direct Station, Jupiter, Leo, Mars, Retrograde Station, Sagittarius, Saturn, Sun, Virgo on 12/02/2009 by nemain nyx

I just had to break radio silence to announce that we have no major planets in retrograde until late this month when Mars goes on the 21st.

There have been quite a few changes in my life lately, a period of Venus/Uranus and Saturnine activity. However, I’m ready to approach the new year with a fresh start and a renewed sense of self.

This take-charge approach is enhances by a Sun/Mars trine in Sagg/Leo, but runs into difficulty given the opposition to Jupiter in Aquarius. On the personal front the Sun (although in trine with Mar’s current position) is squaring my natal Mars in Virgo. The stress of all this change is getting to me, and the need to arrange the chaos into some semblance of order is causing me to shut down.

I cannot wait until the transit of Jupiter squaring my natal Saturn is over. I realize now where my life has reached the point of excess and needs to be trimmed back, simplified, and let loose. Here’s to the coming new year!


Welcome to October: Mercury Conjuncts Saturn in Opposition to Uranus

Posted in Luna, Mercury, Saturn, Uranus, Venus, Virgo, Wheel of the Year on 10/01/2009 by nemain nyx

I’m a fan of autumn and the waning light, because I like all things spooky and mysterious. There’s no spookier setting than the dying season!

Coming up this weekend is a big powerful full moon in Aries, just at the height of night on Sunday. October also brings us a Mercurial conjunct with Saturn and a sense of heaviness to the already bewildering opposition with Uranus. Efforts made during the conjunct will feel burdened or fraught with tension.

We may begin to feel the effects of this transit sooner than later, as Mercury is close to everyone’s center of self. This is a particularly discouraging transit for those who are still reeling from the retrograde period. There may be a re-visitation of some of the issues brought up during that phase, or you may find yourself dwelling on things affected by the Uranus/Saturn upheaval.

This transit will be followed shortly by a transit of this same energy but the effects will be felt in our pleasure center. That sounded kind of naughty, but I’m talking about Venus. Right after we’ve gotten over our dwelling on the issues, we’re going to start seeing it affect our comfort zones in the physical realm. As this is going down under Virgo with an influence of Pisces, by physical this could literally mean your body, as in your gut or intestines, or it could mean your gut as in your gut chakra (your ability to derive or intuit the world around you – your source of personal strength). This could cause a sense of powerlessness to achieve what you desire. As a Scorpio this freaks me out a bit, as the Scorpio motto is “I desire”.

So there you have it, some kind of unhappy transits for your first day of October. Here are some cute animals! Remember that this is only a slice of what is going on in the universe and the pull of the planets affects everyone differently. All things will pass. I believe that the natal transits will give you more information specifically to you and in combination with the current astroweather, will give you a greater picture of what is flowing about you in your life.

“Be kind, for everyone you meet is fighting a great battle.” – Philo of Alexandria

Mercury Stations Direct

Posted in Direct Station, Mercury, Virgo on 09/29/2009 by nemain nyx

Just as the Moon cycles and the womb cycles, the body must cycle through the taking in and releasing of breath. The incoming air is like the fullness of the moon or the fertility of the womb. The exhaling of the breath is as the moon wanes or the blood is spent and released from the body.

And just like the Moon and the womb, the process of becoming and releasing fullness is far longer than the actual instances of fullness or emptiness. In the practice of Pranayama, you learn to find peace and rest in the small pause after letting out the breath, and just before taking the air back in. Peace in the emptiness.

That is what I’m trying to do right now. As Mercury stalls in Virgo, adjusting to station direct, I’m trying to find a brief moment of relief, the long exhale is over and we’re about to get the energizing breath of Mercury’s forward momentum once again.

But just as in my breath practice, I get tense when I stay in that moment of emptiness. A body without air is a body in the first stages of death. Our culture has such a difficult time with death, it’s hard to block out the fear of dying. But this little moment of death is something that we experience every day without almost without thought or notice. That’s the trick of awareness. Putting to much thought towards it could cause you to over-analyze and begin to mistrust the process (how very Virgo!). Too little and you won’t come to appreciate the beauty of it. That is the balance that I’m trying to find today.


Mercury and the Moon

Posted in Current Events, Direct Station, Gemini, Luna, Mercury, Neptune, Scorpio, Virgo on 09/27/2009 by ananda silvermoon

This recent tweet from Nyx got me thinking. In it, she complains that Mercury (currently in Virgo) is squaring her natal Moon, in Gemini. Virgo and Gemini are both ruled by Mercury, but since they are both mutable signs, they are also square each other. Only one other planet besides Mercury gets to rule two signs (in modern times, that is), and that planet is Venus, ruler of Taurus and Libra. Taurus and Libra aren’t square, they aren’t in trine. They share neither an element nor a modality. They’re actually in quincunx. But, both being ruled by Venus, both Taurus and Libra have an easygoing harmony and can coexist pretty well.

I don’t get the same feeling from Gemini and Virgo. Gemini loves ideas, and collects ideas and thoughts and phrases. Virgo is highly critical and prefers to fact-check everything. So Virgo would probably get pretty annoyed at Gemini’s willingness to believe or repeat everything she hears, while Gemini would begin to think that Virgo was such a bore, and a square. Which is what the two are: square.

Signs in quincunx seem to get along in a strange way; in fact, I’ve heard and experienced myself that it is common in synastry. I know of two couples with a Scorpio man and a Gemini woman; both get along in an eerily similar, strange way. It works! One of those couples just passed their 55th wedding anniversary.

Personally, I have Mercury in sextile with my natal moon right now; Virgo-Scorpio. Astrolabe says, “Feelings and emotions are expressed now comfortably. Conversations with females are prominent and pleasant.” Hmm, is that so? Also note that Nyx’s and my moons are in quincunx, from Gemini to Scorpio. Which might have something to do with why we get along so well!

Also since Mercury is nearing its direct station, it is slowing down and these aspects are more noticeable. Fortunately, soon after that, the aspects will start to ease up. Myself, I’m looking forward to Neptune’s direct station, which isn’t until early November. I’m really looking forward to Neptune getting off of my natal Mars, and since the conjunction is applying when Neptune is retrograde, it’ll be much nicer when Neptune is direct.

New Moon in Virgo, September 2009

Posted in Luna, Virgo on 09/17/2009 by nemain nyx

Ever since I read Mysteries of the Dark Moon by Demetria George, I’ve tried to appreciate the time of the new moon with deeper insight. Ananda and I have written a few posts about the beneficial energy of darkness in the past. I think our Scorpio influence leads us into that quite easily, but I just get all ignited when it turns into autumn and the dark moon just seems all the more powerful.

Today is the last day of the Barley Moon, ushering a brief inert phase prior to tomorrow’s mid-day new moon. The end of the Barley Moon brings us the Harvest Moon. Our Dark Virgin rests as Persephone until she comes forth in early October as Demeter, Queen of the Fields for the Full Harvest Moon. The story of Persephone and Demeter has always been one of my favorites. Persephone could be seen as both a pathetic captive or a reigning Lady of the Underworld. I think that’s pretty much the two most powerful viewpoints of the menstrual cycle.

Feel the Buzz?

Posted in Current Events, Libra, Mercury, Retrograde Station, Virgo on 09/13/2009 by ananda silvermoon

yep, mercury is definitely retrograde (you can tell because there are two ananda posts in a row here). bzzzzzz. mercury rules all things communication, and the verbal mind. for me, this time, though, it’s also affecting my nonverbal mind. my creative energy is at a high i haven’t experienced since the eclipse. i’m still not terribly productive, mind you, but i am able to produce things at a slightly faster rate than my normal (taurean-rising) tempo.

at the solar eclipse in July, I (moved by forces beyond my understanding) painted an enormous canvas, 6 by 6 feet, in a giant depiction of an eclipse, a developing embryo, sun spots, the nine planets, and the oceans. it took me about 18 hours, and i didn’t sleep much while I was working on it. I’ve never had a great sense of completion with it, even though i stopped working on it as soon as the eclipse energy dissipated, and i’m really not sure I like it much at all. But it’s hanging on my wall, taking up thirty-six square feet of space, reminding me of the vast creative energy that I tapped into that night. now with Mercury in full retrograde swing, the creative feeling is intensified, especially just coming off of that transformative week on the Playa. I’m sketching ideas for a painting. I’m also writing a lot of non-astrology stuff, for my “other” life, which is consuming a lot of mental energy. Fortunately, with Mercury in retrograde, mental energy is something I have plenty of!

On the other hand, the mouse on my other computer stopped working, and a crucial plastic tab on the mount for my bike computer broke off. I’m not immune to Mercury Rx stuff, I just thrive on the chaos.

Black Rock City 2009

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click on the photo to go to the planetwaves post…
This photo by Eric Francis just really resonated with me as soon as I saw it. The moon was extremely dramatic, especially at rise and set – and some of the only photos I took all week were this same moon. His reflections on the Pisces full moon at Black Rock City also resonate – there was a dramatic energy in the city, but it was empathic and celebratory, not violent or detached. I and many others I spoke with felt a profound connection that night – a sense of oneness with the universe rarely felt in the default world. Friday night I experienced a profound spiritual awakening that I cannot quite put words to yet, though I’m sure that will happen soon, as – hey, look! – mercury is retrograde, which means my verbal mind can process and produce. The night ended with a dawn bike ride out to the edge of civilization – the corner at 2:00 and L – and beyond, rushing to greet the rising sun and exalting the setting moon over the city. I stood facing north, my right hand outstretched to the rising Sun, my left to the setting Full Moon, and I felt the entire solar system stretch out in front of me, behind me, surrounding me… as the first rays from the morning sun appeared in reds and oranges to crack the dawn wide open, to announce the return of the Day, the moon lit up in all colors shining back the brilliance of the dawning sun, I felt within me the wordless calm that comes with sensing the universe, feeling the oneness of it all!

I’m already missing the Playa and plotting my return in 2010. Adjusting to the default reality is both difficult and reassuring; I have to say, I love running water and hot showers, trash collection is pretty nice, and refrigeration is pretty swell too. That said, there are no giant flaming neurons here, nor are there art cars with giant sound systems providing danceable beats everywhere they go. And I can’t go watch Venus rise from the third floor of the Temple.

Since returning home, I’ve been trying to regain the sense of everything-is-holy that pervades life in Black Rock City. Since life is so tenuous there, even the smallest, most mundane action or object becomes profound and sacrosanct. It’s an odd feeling, and trying to bring it back to the lush valley I call home, where life pervades everything and is anything but scarce, is a bit of a challenge. But right now Neptune is all up within a degree of my natal Mars, and my action and intention are made fuzzy and spiritual, rather than directed and concrete. Astrolabe tells me to “Take a break, meditate, and then finish things.” I’m working on grounding and focusing my energy, which I learned how to do in a hurry on the playa, but it’s much more difficult here with many more distractions and accumulations. It’s easier to feel connected to the earth when you step outside of your tent and contact bare ground. It’s less easy when your immediate environment has two internet-capable macs, an iphone, piles of dirty and clean laundry, and piles of accumulated crap that must be dealt with. I’m trying to cut down on my crap, be all zen about it, it’s difficult, since every thing has associations and memories and getting rid of the thing seems like cutting my only tie to the person or place it’s associated with. But now I’m just blathering and procrastinating, not sharing my Burning Man experience, so I’m gonna publish this as it is and come back later. I’ll talk a bit more about Friday night on the playa and the interesting astrology going on… after I meditate and take a break for awhile.