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Posted in Libra, Saturn, Scorpio, Sun, Wheel of the Year on 10/31/2009 by nemain nyx

Whatever you believe, today is a good day to remember those who have passed on.

I know i’ve been silent lately, but i’m going through a lot of things that i’m sure will be popping up again and again throughout my Saturn Return. As you know, Saturn entered Libra and those of us with natal Saturn in this sign are beginning our Return.

I expected to process this more using this blog, but I’ve been feeling a bit bottled up. Maybe with some time after Saturn’s been on the threshold for a while I will be able to really talk about the feelings associated with this transit and the particular areas of effect.

But for now! I think we need to do some celebrating because it’s my favorite holiday! Remember those you miss dearly. Scorpio rules this season: blessings for your Samhain, blessings for your New Year!


Welcome to October: Mercury Conjuncts Saturn in Opposition to Uranus

Posted in Luna, Mercury, Saturn, Uranus, Venus, Virgo, Wheel of the Year on 10/01/2009 by nemain nyx

I’m a fan of autumn and the waning light, because I like all things spooky and mysterious. There’s no spookier setting than the dying season!

Coming up this weekend is a big powerful full moon in Aries, just at the height of night on Sunday. October also brings us a Mercurial conjunct with Saturn and a sense of heaviness to the already bewildering opposition with Uranus. Efforts made during the conjunct will feel burdened or fraught with tension.

We may begin to feel the effects of this transit sooner than later, as Mercury is close to everyone’s center of self. This is a particularly discouraging transit for those who are still reeling from the retrograde period. There may be a re-visitation of some of the issues brought up during that phase, or you may find yourself dwelling on things affected by the Uranus/Saturn upheaval.

This transit will be followed shortly by a transit of this same energy but the effects will be felt in our pleasure center. That sounded kind of naughty, but I’m talking about Venus. Right after we’ve gotten over our dwelling on the issues, we’re going to start seeing it affect our comfort zones in the physical realm. As this is going down under Virgo with an influence of Pisces, by physical this could literally mean your body, as in your gut or intestines, or it could mean your gut as in your gut chakra (your ability to derive or intuit the world around you – your source of personal strength). This could cause a sense of powerlessness to achieve what you desire. As a Scorpio this freaks me out a bit, as the Scorpio motto is “I desire”.

So there you have it, some kind of unhappy transits for your first day of October. Here are some cute animals! Remember that this is only a slice of what is going on in the universe and the pull of the planets affects everyone differently. All things will pass. I believe that the natal transits will give you more information specifically to you and in combination with the current astroweather, will give you a greater picture of what is flowing about you in your life.

“Be kind, for everyone you meet is fighting a great battle.” – Philo of Alexandria

Autumnal Equinox 2009

Posted in Luna, Mars, Uranus, Wheel of the Year on 09/22/2009 by nemain nyx

Today just after 2pm (Pacific Time) will be the Autumnal Equinox, signifying the midpoint of fall and the beginnings of winter. (It always drives me nuts when people say that this is the first day of fall). It’s a time to celebrate the harvest and the Harvest Moon. I just got my new Galileoscope so I’m ready!

At the moment the Moon, Mars, and Uranus are the Water Signs: strong empathetical and emotional momentum to start the day. We may feel this has a more personal effect this morning or afternoon over East: Moon/Mars Trine in Scorpio and Cancer. Over the next few days the Mars/Uranus Trine (currently at 7 degree orb) will grow more potent.

Uranus trine Mars in Cancer will support actions that are driven by emotions and those seeking to act on something deeper, or perhaps something spiritual. I wouldn’t be surprised to see quarrels based on religion (especially Christianity, given the rise of the religion under the Great Period of Pisces) spring up in the coming days.

With the Moon in Scorpio and the Sun entering Libra, there’s going to be a intense emotional investment regarding the qualities associated with Libra (relationships, harmony, interdependence, social values). Void of Course occurs around 8:30 PST, with the Sun at the entrance point this could be a focal point for the Scorpion’s tendency for resentment if not handled carefully. The Moon will move into Sagittarius early tomorrow morning.


Lughnasadh and The Fixed Stars

Posted in Asteroids, Galactic Center, The Great Attractor, Wheel of the Year on 08/05/2009 by nemain nyx

I am celebrating Lughnasadh today because of the powerful lunation and penumbral eclipse and the overall transition I am experiencing, both seasonal and personal.

Last night I lit a candle to the Mother for the (very) tiny little life that might be growing inside but did not come to be. These things are harder on us than we realize. So this Lughnasadh has an especially significant tone for me. Some of my natal transits for this Full Wyrt Moon and eclipse:

Mars in Gemini trine Natal Saturn
Venus in Cancer trine Natal Mercury
Jupiter in Aquarius trine Natal Moon
Sun in Leo Sextile Natal Saturn
Sun in Leo Trine Natal Eris
Isis in Pisces Trine Natal Sun
Vesta in Cancer Trine Natal Sun
Terpsichore in Taurus Opposite Natal Sun

Terpsichore, an asteroid with a cycle duration of just under 5 years, is one that I don’t know much about outside of the associated significance that her namesake has to dance. However I do feel a bit hurt that the beneficial aspects between the Sun and Isis/Vesta were either too weak to compete with the current Saturnine aspects or their significance is to impart a change in my mindset. I don’t know. Maybe it’s this moon.

I have also been considering the fixed stars and their position in my birth chart:

Great Attractor Square Mars in Virgo
Galactic Center Sextile Jupiter in Libra
Great Attractor Trine Eris in Aries
Great Attractor Trine Logos in Leo
M87 Trine Hades in Gemini

Mars in Virgo is powerful in my chart. It gives me a guilt complex like no other, and I never realized how compounded it was by it’s position to the Great Attractor. In regards to the position of Eris and Logos to the GA I believe there is has a widening scope when it comes to the Eris effect (just awesome), whereas for Logos that aspect just seems to go hand in hand (not bad).

I love my Jupiter in Libra. I have a potent Pluto/Jupiter Conjunct that lends a favorable ability to adapt or see opportunities from sudden change, a sort of “let’s look at where we go from here” attitude. In Libra, this provides an expansive, emotionally intuitive radar. Supported by the Galactic Center, the sense of well-being that comes from finding your feet after a fall is then tied to the center of life itself, one of the pathways to wholeness.

So anyway, on and on. Any further thoughts on these transits are welcome. I don’t know quite how I’m to interpret them all, though I suppose you’re supposed to meditate on them for a while. I just saw a friend smiling brightly behind a large vase of sunflowers her fiance brought her. Enjoy a beautiful Lughnasadh everyone, the harvest season begins!

Venus and Pluto

Posted in Current Events, Opposition, Pluto, Venus, Wheel of the Year on 05/04/2009 by ananda silvermoon

The recent square between these two planets has made the Beltane season a particular brand of bittersweet for me this year. It’s officially spring in the northern hemisphere, and the lush countryside where I live is springing to life. At the same time, though, the underworld seems especially close – much more reminiscent of Samhain season than Beltane. I am blessed with a large picture window in my room which offers a view of a half-wild garden, with a few large shade trees and many smaller bushes and plants. Today it has been raining steadily, and it’s easy to see how the garden got so lush – it is a rainforest-like ecosystem here. Plenty of rain, plenty of diversity of plant life. But I have also been noticing how alive the soil is – how very active a participant in creating the green landscape we see. Without roots, without rich organic soil, without the countless and unfathomable fungi that fill the earth beneath the garden, there could be no leaves. And how conversely, without leaves, there could be no soil – if plants did not take carbon from the atmosphere and link it together using sunlight, and then let go of these delicate structures before they were reduced back to breath – enabling other life forms, which make a living not by creating, but by destroying, to have an existence. How very closely intertwined all life is, how it both creates and destroys, is created and is destroyed and in the process creates more. How the yearly cycle repeats itself, with spring bringing new growth and new forms, and fall bringing those forms back down to the ground to be destroyed, to be incorporated into the world. How the very act of creation is utterly dependent on this constant process of destruction: new forms are created, similar to the old, but different in subtle ways, radically new. How we as people, existing tenuously in between these two ends, come into existence thanks very much to plants and their ability to knit carbon together with sunlight, yet fight stubbornly – and ultimately in vain – to avoid being dissolved and devoured by the earth.

We generally try to avoid thinking of the underworld, especially during this time of year, when fertility is the prime motivation of nearly everything in existence. But this Beltane, with Venus squaring off against Pluto, it seems the other side is much closer than normal, almost like it is during Scorpio’s reign. And coming into this Friday’s Scorpio Full Moon, I expect this feeling to persist for awhile, at least as long as this warm, steady spring rain keeps saturating the Northwest, as long as the yard keeps springing new and interesting mushrooms, as long as the moss on tree branches creates soil beneath itself that will eventually doom the branch.

The underworld is poised, waiting to devour.


Posted in Wheel of the Year on 05/01/2009 by nemain nyx

have a happy week (at least i’m going to celebrate all week) of beltane! cross-quarter occurs around the 6th. may you be blessed with fertility and passion in your pursuits and let the romantic energy of taurus guide you into spring.

Sun Into Taurus

Posted in Mars, Saturn, Sun, Taurus, Wheel of the Year on 04/18/2009 by ananda silvermoon

But first, a harmonious series of semi-sextiles and conjunctions in the spring signs. Venus, Mars and Uranus line up in the last degrees of Pisces, and Jupiter and Chiron come closer to Neptune. The moon joins them in the late degrees of Aquarius overnight and into tomorrow, as the sun spends its last hours in Aries. The Mercury-Saturn trine is lingering as well; these two being the only planets above the horizon after sunset are elevated to rulers of the evening. The Pisces energy from Venus, Mars and Uranus suggests a strong erotic energy; the Mercury-Saturn rulership of the evening suggests that it will be channeled through communication and not without some reference to authority, even if it is a radical act of sticking it to the Man. A dear friend of mine, for example, is set to perform in a fashion show event at a sex-positive community center event tonight. Radical, erotic and certainly making a statement.

In more personal news, my natal Mars conjunctions are continuing to pay off; another successful competition today and a final culmination next weekend, when Jupiter exactly crosses my natal Mars. Realized this evening that this is signaling a new beginning for me: the (re?)birth of myself, the athlete. The conjunction wanes, but then there is the semisextile, the sextile, the square…

I have been reading Aspects in Astrology by Sue Tompkins, and I have to say it has been pretty useful so far. More to come on this subject, undoubtedly, but now is not the time. Now: meditate and absorb this harmonic amplification of the late Aries sun, as the moon sextiles in Aquarius. Thinking about the role of the individual – the self, Aries – in the context of society – the collective, Aquarius. But also intuitively feeling it, and flowing with the currents, thanks to the anchor in Pisces. Have a good night, and if you’re in the Northwest, enjoy a gorgeous day of Spring tomorrow! Frisbee and ice cream may be in order.